Animal Control

Administrator:  Terrance O'Brien, DVM

Description of Services

The Menard County Animal Control Office provides control of companion animal issues. Common services include: animals running at large, lost or stray animals, feral cat colonies, dog bites, adoptions and various other animal control issues.

Department Links

Animal Control Ordinance

Menard County Animal Control Facebook Page

Adoption Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Call 632-7302 and either talk to an Animal Control Officer or leave a message and an officer will return your call at their earliest convenience.  If the animal poses an immediate danger or seems aggressive, contact the Sheriff's Office and an officer will be dispatched immediately.

Yes.  The Pound usually has a variety of dogs and cats available for adoption.

Adoption Application

Take a copy of the certificate issued by the veterinarian to the County Clerk's Office and they will issue the appropriate tag and assess the proper fees.

Contact the Animal Control Office and live traps will be placed to catch the feral cats.

The animals are fed, watered, and kennels cleaned daily.  They are allowed to exercise at the discretion and under the supervision of the animal control staff.  All obvious health issues are addressed.  All adoptable animals are vaccinated and dewormed.

Please call our office at 632-7302. We accept monetary donations, dog food, cat food, and cleaning supplies.

Call our office at (217)632-7302 and leave a message which includes a description of your animal and we will get back to you.