102 South Seventh Street
Petersburg, Illinois  62675
2nd Floor, Menard County Courthouse

Phone (217)632-5123

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday
By Appointment Only


Zoning Officer:  Joe Crowe




PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, on May 30, at 7:00 p.m., a Public Hearing will be held by the Menard County Zoning Board of Appeals in the Menard County Board meeting room at the Menard County Courthouse, 102 South Seventh Street, Petersburg, Illinois, for the purpose of considering and hearing testimony regarding approval of a variance, for property located in Menard County at 13115 East Oakford Avenue, Oakford Illinois, and located in a part of:

S18 T19 R7 NW COR OF NW FR 1/4 and consisting of 10 acres

The foregoing proposal is the result of a petition by Chad Hoke and Allen Thomas, the owners of the subject property and acting on their own behalf or with counsel, are seeking to relax the front setback of their parcel in the A-Agriculture District.

The application and other documents are on file and available for inspection at the Menard County Courthouse, 102 South Seventh Street, Petersburg, Illinois, during normal business hours.

All interested parties are invited to attend the public hearing and will be given an opportunity to be heard.

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Description of Services

The Zoning Deputy is appointed and serves directly under the Board of Commissioners and administers the Menard County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.  These ordinances apply to the county's unincorporated areas and within villages that do not have their own ordinances. The County does not administer ordinances for the City of Athens, City of Greenview, or the City of Petersburg. If you live within the municipal boundaries of these cities, please get in touch with their offices. 

 Menard County Comprehensive Plan



Thinking of building, starting a business, planning your estate?

Menard County has a Zoning Ordinance that can be viewed below. 

When making plans for your property that fall under the Menard County Zoning Ordinance please consult the Menard County Zoning Officer by calling 217/632-5123 to determine how the ordinance may impact that plan.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals is held the last Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Appeals must be received by the first Monday of each month for consideration before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Please contact the Menard County Zoning Officer for deadlines and fees. 



If you are aware of an infraction relating specifically to zoning, please report it by completing the form provided in the link below. 


E911 Addressing Contact Information

Coordinator: John Balster 

Email: 911coordinator@co.menard.il.us
Phone: (217)725-3120